• We are a spiritual meditation group seeking to create personal and planetary healing for the Earth and its inhabitants.
  • We coordinate the Planetary Cities of Light and conduct biorelativity exercises to create energy for positive change in the world.
  • We make a difference through our work to create change in a systematic manner that will have a positive outcome for our planet.
  • We assist individuals in achieving personal ascension through education and healing exercises.

Weekly quote:

From Connecting with the Arcturians by David K. Miller, page 18:
One of our special gifts to you is our thought patterns. We have certain frequencies that can be made available to others. These thought frequencies are not necessarily trasmitted in words, although there are sounds that can be voiced. When you are able to exist on our frequency, you can experience an expansion of your cells, an expansion into your light bodies, your light consciousness and your galactic selves. Open your minds to the possibility of being on a new frequency.


Release 3D Limitations Using 5th Dimensional techniques from Soul Psychology

2-day Intensive Workshop with David & Gudrun Miller
March 21-22, 2015 – More Information

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