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The Arcturians

The Arcturians are space brothers living on a planet near the star Arcturus. They are in a higher stage of development than humans are and can go beyond their ego boundaries and physical dimensions. They are a different species than the Pleiadians, but have exchanged information and technology with them. They are interested in our Ascension and are concerned about the danger of our planetary destruction. One area of interest for them is the relationship between the individual soul and the group soul.

Artist: Gudrun Miller


How to  find Arcturus

How To Find Arcturus

The brightest star in the constellation Boötes, also known as the Herdsman. This is one of the oldest recorded constellations. Arcturus is also the fourth brightest star seen from the Earth. It is a giant star, about twenty-five times the diameter of the Sun and one hundred times as luminous. It is a relatively close neighbor of ours, approximately forty light years from Earth. High up in the sky in the late Spring and early Summer, Arcturus is the first star you see after sunset. You can find Arcturus easily if you follow the Big Dipper’s handle away from the bowl.



"Arc To Arcturus"

Arc To Arcturus


Animation (click below)

Arc to Arcturus animation


(Arcturus at lower right)

Constellation Bootes
Photo © Bill and Sally Fletcher


Relative Size and Color of Stars

Arcturus compared with other stars






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